Couples May Miss Cues that Partner is Hiding Emotions, Study Suggest


Various studies have suggested that suppressing your emotions in a relationship makes you less happy. Couples who suppressed their emotions have found less satisfied with their partners. Usually, hiding emotions from partner cause many negative loops. Even the most blissful of couples in long-running, exclusive relationships may be fairly clueless when it comes to spotting the ploys their partner uses to avoid dealing with emotional issues.

Psychologists from the Washington University in St. Louis suggest that how couples judge personality characteristics that show ways of managing one’s emotions.

Couples usually judge their partners’ emotion regulation patterns with some degree of accuracy. But they are less right in judging judgment.

Lead Author Lameese Eldesouky said, “Happier couples see their partners in a more positive light than do less happy couples. They tend to underestimate how often a partner is suppressing emotions and to overestimate a partner’s ability to see the bright side of an issue that might otherwise spark negative emotions.”

Other findings also suggest that if someone is generally more emotional, their romantic partner thinks they are less likely to hide emotions.

Scientists involved 120 heterosexual couples under the age of 18 to 25 in the study. The complete study was based on questionnaire rounds. Each couple had been dating on an exclusive basis for more than six months, with some together as long as four years.

Scientists found that women see their partners in a more positive light than do men.

Coauthor Tammy English said, “Suppression is often considered a negative trait. At the other hand, the reappraisal is considered a positive trait. The differential impact these strategies have on emotional well-being and social relationships.”

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Other studies also found that if someone often expresses positive emotions, such as happiness, their romantic partner thinks they use reappraisal more than they actually do.

Men are more likely to hiding emotions than women to use suppression. And this consistent suppression can cause damage to the long-term quality of a relationship.