Connection Control Technology For LTE and Wi-Fi


In recent years, due to vast use of smartphones and tablets, high load traffic also increases. The technology like Wi-Fi has also been expanded. Although there are a number of technologies that allow connecting to public Wi-Fi. But, when the user started to using other high-load communications at a single access point, the communications speed can drop. Several technologies have been applied as methods of improving communications speed for Wi-Fi users. Such technology limits reductions in communications speed by having the device autonomously change to connect to LTE.

Connection Control Technology For LTE and Wi-Fi
Issues with existing technology (connecting to LTE when communication quality is bad). Credit: Fujitsu

In these technologies, each device determines its communications route based on communications quality without considering its impact on other devices. So, there are the chances of some barriers that reduces overall communications speed. To overcome such barriers, scientists from Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a new connection control technology for LTE and WI-Fi.

This new connection control technology boosts communication speed in areas with Wi-Fi. It uses a cloud-based connection control ability. Thus, it shows communication speed when multiple devices change their connection at the same time. In addition, it can automatically set communication routes for multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi access point.

As a result, this technology carried out by changing the distribution of devices using a telecommunications carrier’s LTE network. By this way, this connection control technology can increase communications speed by about a factor of two.

There is a dedicated application installed in a device. The application communicates with the connection control function on the control server. Through the server, it displays communication speed when multiple devices change their connection. After that it automatically set the communications routes for multiple devices in a given Wi-Fi service area.

The server can control each device. The application first collects information on current communication speeds and wireless quality. Then it notifies the connection control function on the control server. After that the connection control function calculates communication speed by comparing with the actual communication speed.

Through this results, it chooses the distribution pattern of communication routes that maximizes overall communication speed in the area.

Features of this Connection Control Technology:

  • It estimates the volume of usable wireless resources.
  • It is a Wireless communication route optimization technology
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