Community Violence Makes Kids Violent

Violent neighborhoods have a negative influence on the behavior of children and adolescents.


Children and adolescent who regularly face violence in their community tend to show antisocial behavior. Scientists examined the link between exposure to community violence and antisocial behavior in over 1000 children and adolescents.

In a new study, scientists investigated the strength of the association between community violence exposure and antisocial behavior.

Conduct disorder is a standout amongst the most widely recognized purposes behind referral to psychological wellness administrations for kids and youths in Europe. The confusion is characterized by oppositional, forceful and dissocial conduct and is frequently connected with a negative, long-haul mental result. Influenced people bear a higher hazard for school drop-out, a word related disappointment, encourage mental clutters or contribution with the criminal equity framework.

Scientists involved 1178 children and adolescents of ages 9 to 18. Among them, 662 participants were healthy and 516 participants were diagnosed with conduct disorder. Children and adolescents who frequently experience community violence show higher levels of antisocial behavior.

Lead author Linda Kersten violence exposure and conduct problems are merely due to the fact that those with conduct disorder simply tend to live in more violent neighborhoods.”

Scientists suggest, “the results could help to promote for preventions programs and support initiatives for those children and adolescents who have already been exposed to violence.”

Prof. Christina Stadler said, “The study suggests that more effort should be raised to establish prevention programs in neighborhoods with high rates of violence. The aim is to prevent the potential isolation of young people with a high violence exposure and to thereby breaking the dangerous cycle of young people being exposed to community violence and going on to perpetrate violence against others.”


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