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The Chairless Chair Allows You to Sit Anywhere

Enabling the ergonomic workplace design.

The Chairless Chair Allows You to Sit Anywhere
Image Source: Noonee

A German startup called Noonee, in collaboration with Swiss design consulting firm Sapetti, have designed a wearable chair that allows you to sit anywhere. You may say it is a chairless chair i.e., a seating apparatus, unlike traditional chair that allows individuals to sit wherever and when they feel the need to rest.

This Chairless Chair is just a minimal plastic frame, and it helps with one simple task, seating. It is made up of plastics like polyamide. Engineers then attach to the leg via a series of straps which automatically locks in place when a button at the top of the leg is pressed.

The Chairless Chair Allows You to Sit Anywhere

Workers wear the device as they move from task to task can also rest when needed while remaining a convenient position for continuing the task at hand.

The chair also holds the potential to be used in any industry that requires the workers to stand for long periods. For example, the assembly line work or production lines, such as those for the automobile industry.

The Chairless Chair Allows You to Sit Anywhere
Image Source: Noonee

There are also small knobs on the heels that take the weight off of worker’s knees and thus reduce physical strain. And by helping to assuage worker fatigue, the tool could increase efficiency while decreasing the likelihood of injury. Such relief could lead to fewer missed work days and better long-term worker health.

Inventor Keith Gunura said, “Other similar models have hit the market with the goal of strength training. But, our design is fundamentally different.”

The Chairless Chair Allows You to Sit Anywhere

“The Chairless Chair is a sitting support. It’s more of a tool rather than an exoskeleton. It will provide respite to workers in a number of industries, and all over the world. I’ve always wanted to leave something that would help people or at least change the world in a small way.”

Benefits of using Chairless Chair at Workplace:

  • Reduction of physical strain during work
  • Reduction of employee absence
  • Provides comfortable working environment
  • Creates the conditions to increase quality and productivity
  • Enables long-term employee commitment

Impressive features:

  • Individual sitting height adjustment
  • Sitting support for standing workplaces
  • Fast switch between sitting, standing and walking
  • Adapts to different body sizes and safety shoes

With this chair, clients can improve the ergonomic environment for their employees, by improving body posture. Clients can also solve and prevent certain Occupational Health & Safety challenges and give age proper working conditions for their aging employees.