Many of us wondered about Black Friday whereas most of us don’t even know about it. Today, 25th November 2016, its black Friday day. It comes after thanksgiving day and before Cyber Monday. On this day, many people take leave from their office work. Some people who have a holiday, use to go for a family picnic.

So, What is actually Black Friday?

In the US, Black Friday is celebrated as a day to shop for Christmas. It is popular for a shopping day for various reasons.

In the USA, it is the busiest shopping day. Officially and unofficially, it is the start of holiday shopping season.

Black Friday History:

The Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a bustling holiday shopping season. The term was coined in 1960. It marks kickoffs to the Christmas shopping season. Black refers to stores moving from the red to the black, back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss and black a profit.

In 1960’s, police in Philadelphia complaint about the congested streets, clogged with motorists and pedestrians, calling it Black Friday. In other words, it describes a financial crisis of 1869.

Why is it called Black Friday?

According to Wikipedia, Many retailers report some of their highest profits on this day. The black portion of the name relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black. This tradition lives on in modern accounting software.

For bargain hunters, if there is the biggest festival in a year, that would be this day.

Most Black Friday Sales go online when their Black-Friday sales start. Some in-store only Black-Friday deals may not be available online. However, many Black-Friday deals are available online before Black Friday. Many of such Black-Friday like or even better than black Friday deals can be found at throughout the year, including right now.

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