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Social media can encourage tourists to make more sustainable choices

Social media is often blamed for creating all kinds of pressure. However, not all social media pressures are necessarily bad, as they can encourage us to behave in a manner that is more sustainable than before.

Introducing a new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal

Scientists have shown that Cooper pair metal can also conduct electricity with some amount of resistance, like regular metals do.

Selecting the best communication channel over a wireless network

No more traffic blues for information transfer: decongesting wireless channels.

NASA sending a new solar power generator to the International Space Station

A new compact, microconcentrator photovoltaic system could provide unprecedented watt per kilogram of power critical to lowering costs for private space flight.

This molecule plays a vital role in aging processes

Researchers have found a sea of a new subtype of RNA molecules in the cell, and evidence suggesting they may play a role in aging processes.

Study finds a long-haul danger of spaceflight for astronauts

A health risk that was unknown until now.


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New method for controlled-release makes cancer drugs less toxic to healthy tissues

Chemotherapy is one of the most widely used treatments for cancer. It involves a single or combination of drugs that prevent cancer cells from dividing and growing. Most cancer patients who have to undergo chemotherapy treatment worry...

This biosensor attached to your phone can sniff bacteria

Smartphones are increasingly finding their way into the health sector. Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi have developed a biosensor and a mobile app, which together can be used for bacterial detection. One can fit the biosensor...

Scientists identify protein that helps dengue and JE viruses to multiply

When dengue virus infects human bodies, white blood cells get activated to fight it. But instead of destroying the virus, white blood cells are targeted and infected by the virus. The virus fools the immune system to...

Lucknow group develops transgenic rice with reduced arsenic accumulation

Arsenic accumulation in rice grains is one of the serious agricultural issues in India. To address this, researchers at Lucknow- based CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute have developed transgenic rice by inserting a novel fungal gene, which results...