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Engineers are working on an advanced 3D head-up display for in-car use

Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cambridge are developing a powerful new 3D head-up display that...

Chandrayaan-2 enters into Lunar Orbit

The probe has been successfully maneuvered into lunar orbit today, after nearly 30 days of space travel.

A new dreamy, creamy, low calorie spread for your morning toast

Scientists figured out a new procedure to emulsify a lot of water with minuscule drops of vegetable oil and milk fat to mimic low-calorie spread.

What’s driving more women to drink?

White women and women with more education and financial means have much higher rates of alcohol consumption.

Physicists design an experiment to pin down the origin of the elements

With help from next-generation particle accelerators, the approach may nail down the rate of oxygen production in the universe.

New tool to make web browsing easier for the visually impaired

Scientists at the University of Waterloo, in collaboration with Microsoft and the University of Washington, have developed a new tool called Voice Exploration, Retrieval,...


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Researchers Investigate Potential Drug to Reverse Negative Effects of Maternal Obesity

A drug that increases energy metabolism may lead to a new approach to prevent obesity in children born to overweight mothers, UNSW Sydney researchers have found. “There is much excitement about improving metabolism pharmacologically in ways that might...

Researchers Developed New Gene Therapy Targets Brain Disorders

A group of researchers led by UNSW Sydney has developed a new gene therapy that may reverse the devastating symptoms of brain disorders such as Canavan disease. Canavan disease is a rare, fatal genetic disorder in which an...