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Astronauts Christina Koch, Jessica Meir Completed First All-Woman Spacewalk

At 2:55 p.m. EDT, Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir of NASA concluded their spacewalk, the first with only women.

Mouse cerebellum is quite different from human

The mouse cerebellum may not be a good model for the human cerebellum in brain studies.

This new flexible lithium-ion battery can withstand extreme conditions

Building on previous work, researchers at APL appear to have corrected the ubiquitous energy source's most significant safety hazard—its combustibility.

A new cheap method that can identify highly heterogeneous tumours

A method that uses restriction enzymes and in vitro transcription to barcode and amplifies genomic DNA prior to library construction.

Fish species in amazon are so tough to thwart piranha attack

The work could serve as inspiration for stronger, lightweight and flexible synthetic armors.

ISRO shared first illuminated image of lunar surface

Preliminary analysis of Chnadrayyan-2 imaging infrared spectrometer (IIRS) data.


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Indian scientists find out how neem cells produce useful chemicals

Neem is known for its medicinal and insecticidal properties for centuries. It is chemicals referred to as limonoids that give neem these properties. Indian scientists have now figured out the process of limonoid production in neem. Neem is...

Green technique can convert Plaster of Paris waste into useful products

A team of scientists has developed a technique that promises to help recycle Plaster of Paris waste from hospitals and other medical centres in a simple, eco-friendly and economical way. The new technique is non-toxic. It disinfects waste...

Cellulose nanofibres from bagasse can help in controlled release of pesticides

Scientists at Pune-based National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed an environment-friendly controlled release formulation system for applying agrochemicals in agricultural fields. The system has been developed by blending sugarcane bagasse...