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How spiral-shaped galaxies get their iconic shape?

Our Milky Way galaxy has an elegant spiral shape with long arms filled with stars, but exactly how it took this form has long puzzled scientists.

99% of Indian companies set to adopt multiple Hybrid Cloud within 3 years

Indian organizations to witness extensive adoption of cloud technologies in the next few years, with a majority of them using Hybrid Cloud within three years itself.

Giving birth in water is safe as land births for moms and baby as well

Water births are no more risky than land births.

Converting graphene into diamond film

Synthesis of the thinnest possible diamond-like material starting from bilayer graphene and without high pressure.

Research has revealed how grape pests sniff the berries

Study investigates how these pests find their target amid a sea of other plants in the landscape.

How the brain produces cognition is finally understood?

Neural activity in rat orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is instead highly structured: single-neuron activity co-varies with an individual variable.


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Low soil moisture posing threat in most river basins

Factors like temperature, rainfall and soil moisture affect distribution and growth of vegetation. A study of these factors has shown that forest and croplands in two-thirds of river basins across India do not have the potential to...

Researchers at IIT developed Braille laptop for visually impaired

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi have developed a Braille laptop called DotBook, which can be useful for the visually impaired. The laptop has got important conventional applications such as email, calculator, and web browser. Third...

Researchers developed Lotus-inspired biodegradable water repellent material

A water-repelling, biodegradable material inspired by lotus leaves has been developed by a joint team of researchers from India, Switzerland, and Italy. Super-hydrophobic or water repellent materials are used in various industrial and other applications, such as healthcare,...

Genetic study reveals presence of rare sub-species of Hog Deer

Indian scientists have discovered the presence of a sub-species of hog deer (Axis porcinus annamiticus) in India. This endangered sub-species was earlier believed to be confined to the eastern part of central Thailand. Researchers at Wildlife Institute of...

Scientists find genomic regions that decide zinc density in wheat 

Scientists have identified regions in the wheat genome responsible for the concentration of zinc in wheat grain. They have also identified candidate genes involved in zinc concentration in wheat. The findings can potentially help in developing wheat...

Sikkim gets IoT based real-time landslide warning system

A real-time landslide warning system has been set up in the Sikkim-Darjeeling belt of the north-eastern Himalayas which is highly vulnerable to landslides. This system can help save lives and loss to property by issuing advance alerts. The...