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Preparing iron slag samples for studying its microstructures (Photo : Tiatemjen Tzudir)

Evidence of pre-modern iron technology found in Nagaland

The development of technology for extracting metals from ores has been critical in the growth of various civilizations. Smelting is one process that has...

Scientists transform the bane of black soot into a boon for water purification

Hitting two birds with one stone, a group of Indian scientists has come up with a new process which promises to help utilize black...

Garbage dumps leading to shift in food habits of wild animals: study

The main culprit is plastic waste which is known to cause health complications and disruptive reproductive patterns in animals that accidentally ingest it. It...
Drone Technology

Drones: from war symbols to technology of hope

Drones are fast emerging as agents of change with widespread applications ranging from wedding photography and entertainment to agriculture and infrastructure asset maintenance. Drones...
Insect stings inspire syringe-needle designs

Insect stings inspire syringe-needle designs

Inspired by mosquito and honeybee stings, scientists are trying to design a smart syringe needle that promises to be painless as well as skin-friendly...
Avalanche forecasting, public awareness can save lives

Avalanche forecasting, public awareness can save lives

The majestic mountains in the Himalayas, besides being the abode of ice, snow, and freshwater, are also hotbeds of natural calamities and disasters like...