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Social media can encourage tourists to make more sustainable choices

Social media is often blamed for creating all kinds of pressure. However, not all social media pressures are necessarily bad, as they can encourage us to behave in a manner that is more sustainable than before.

Introducing a new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal

Scientists have shown that Cooper pair metal can also conduct electricity with some amount of resistance, like regular metals do.

Selecting the best communication channel over a wireless network

No more traffic blues for information transfer: decongesting wireless channels.

NASA sending a new solar power generator to the International Space Station

A new compact, microconcentrator photovoltaic system could provide unprecedented watt per kilogram of power critical to lowering costs for private space flight.

This molecule plays a vital role in aging processes

Researchers have found a sea of a new subtype of RNA molecules in the cell, and evidence suggesting they may play a role in aging processes.

Study finds a long-haul danger of spaceflight for astronauts

A health risk that was unknown until now.


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New evidence confirms pre-continental sediments in Kutch and Cambay

Researchers have found the presence of thick sediment layers dating back to a pre-continental era in the Cambay and Kutch basins of Gujarat. Using electromagnetic geophysical methods, scientists from Allahabad center of the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism found...

Signatures of past climate change found on West coast

A team of researchers has unraveled the imprints of the sea level fluctuations and climate change that may have occurred along the coastal river of Saurashtra region in India’s west coast over the past 1.5 lakh years. Researchers...

Indian scientists found rare basalt columns in village in Kolhapur

Deccan traps are one of the largest volcanic features on the earth. Polygonal patterns and columnar joints in basaltic rocks are the most fascinating structures for geologists and volcanologists. Now Indian scientists have discovered a rare, well...