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Whether it is the delicacy of a nanoparticle or the fickleness of a bonobo, Pranjal Mehar tracks and reports on the adventure that is science. Based in Maharashtra, India, she is a former staff writer and always been a great member of Tech Explorist.
Many women worry about the potential side effects of hormonal contraceptives, including depression. However, researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center conducted a comprehensive review of current research and found there is not sufficient evidence to link birth control and depression

There is no link between hormonal birth control and depression, study confirms

There are many different methods of birth control. When it comes to birth control, women are often concerned about side effects. Depression is most common...
Cellular effects of the Cocaine drug examined in the study

Cellular effects of the Cocaine drug examined in the study

Various investigations have established that cocaine use expands blood pressure and the hardening of arteries in its users, yet now new research by the...
Selection of healthy food

Proper diet reduce the chances for stroke and depression

According to an estimate provided by WHO, more than 300 million people affected. Depression is different from usual mood fluctuations and short-lived emotional responses to challenges...
Dominoes 3

Young children use physics to learn about tools, study

Learning about causality – about the physical rules that govern the world around us – is a crucial part of our cognitive development. From...
the image at the left shows a worm at the beginning of its reproductive window (day 1 of adulthood) with healthy, squarish unfertilized eggs. Worms who did not receive the treatment (upper right) have abnormally small, misshapen eggs by day 7 of adulthood. Worms who did receive the inhibitor (lower right) still have healthy, squarish eggs on day 7

New research could extend egg health with age

If women don't have had children before their mid-30s, there are fewer chances of having children after that period. But scientists at the Princeton University have...
Neuron with oligodendrocyte and myelin sheath

Personalised stem cell treatment may offer relief for progressive MS

The study which conducted on mice suggests skin cells that are re-programmed into brain stem cells, transplanted into the central nervous system, help reduce...
Marc Pulz uses the data glasses during logistics activities

Scientists developed visual information system for the hearing-impaired

A new visual information system developed by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for hearing-impaired employees in logistics. It involves data glasses display information relevant to the...
Identifying carbon monoxide in body could lead to rapid disease diagnostics

Identifying carbon monoxide in body could lead to rapid disease diagnostics

Carbon monoxide is normally considered as toxic for the human body. It is actually produced in our bodies in small amounts that also act...
Microplastics can pass up the food chain to top predators

Marine top predators are exposed to microplastics via their prey, study found

Microplastics are an across the board contamination of the marine condition that can be incidentally consumed by zooplankton, fish and significantly bigger channel feeders,...