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Scientists discover a rare inflammatory disorder in men

Scientists use clues in the human genome to discover new inflammatory syndrome.

A weird molecule discovered in Saturn’s moon Titan’s atmosphere

The molecule may be a precursor to more complex compounds that could form or feed possible life on Titan.

Scientists discovered a coral reef taller than the Empire State Building

It is the "first to be discovered in more than 120 years" in the waters off North Queensland.

NASA’s JUNO captured Jupiter’s colorful electrical outbursts

Juno data indicates 'sprites' or 'elves' frolic in Jupiter's atmosphere.

New clues into how Earth got its oxygen

The innovative technique analyzes ancient rocks to understand the role of iron.

Confirmed! Water exists on the moon

NASA’s SOFIA discovers water on sunlit surface of moon.


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A new biomaterial to heal detached retina

Detachment of retina in the eye is one of the leading causes of blindness in developing countries. In a recent study, researchers created a biopolymer that can act as a natural vitreous substitute–a clear gelatinous substance that...

Pollution in Ganga harming riverbed sediments too: study

The excessive amounts of human waste and toxic effluents that find their way into the Ganga river are not only polluting the water but also causing a deficit of dissolved oxygen in the riverbeds in some of...

New material from silk protein and silver nanoparticles may make implants safe

A scaffold made from silk protein fibroin and silver nanoparticles has been found to have antimicrobial properties and may have application as a biomaterial for implants. Orthopedic implants can substitute or repair different tissues, such as bone, cartilage,...

Biodegradable film developed from whey, isabgol and lotus stem starch

Indian researchers have developed a biodegradable film using lotus stem starch, whey protein concentrate, and psyllium husk that has high structural integrity and low solubility. Starch can form a continuous matrix and has been considered an important polymer...