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The picture of NGC 288 in the optical (left side; credit: ESO/DSS) shows numerous sun-like cooler stars and it is hard to locate hot stars. The image of the same cluster in the ultraviolet (right side, taken by UVIT, yellow is the near-UV and white is the far-UV image; credit: Snehalata Sahu) shows only hot stars as the cooler stars become undetectable.

AstroSat unravels how hot stars evolve in Globular Clusters in the Milky Way

Indian astronomers have peered deep into the Globular Cluster NGC 288, using the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) on AstroSat to uncover the nature of...
On the right is a false-colour image of the bright ultraviolet lobes of the Butterfly Nebula, images by AstroSat. On the left is the same image in red, with a cartoon in blue marking the full extent of the newly discovered ultraviolet lobes and the jets (Credits: Rao and Sriram)

AstroSat discovers ultraviolet wings of Butterfly Nebula

Indian astrophysicists have discovered large ultraviolet lobes and jets that were hurled out from a dying star, using data from AstroSat – space observatory...