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Samsung’s PCIe Gen4 SSDs for maximized storage performance

A revolutionary software innovation.

Computer simulations show human ancestors would have had an easier time giving birth than modern women

For some ladies, labor is a long, painful, and difficult process. Earlier research has suggested the reason labor is so more difficult in humans...

Mixing RNA and DNA to study how life began on Earth

RNA and DNA could have appeared simultaneously instead of the widely accepted RNA World theory.

Vampire bats help unravel the mystery of smell

Understanding how to obtain accurate numbers of olfactory receptor counts in the mammalian genome is major aspect to understanding the sense of smell.

More than 100,000 cancer cases could stem from contaminants in tap water

The first study to conduct a cumulative assessment of cancer risks due to 22 carcinogenic contaminants found in drinking water nationwide.

This gut bacteria produce a ton of alcohol in the body

The findings could help develop a screening method for early diagnosis and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver.


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Increasing protein and dairy intake may help reduce burden of diabetes: study

Diabetes - increase in blood glucose levels - is an emerging health problem, especially in developing countries. According to the World Health Organisation, India had 69 million diabetic individuals in 2015 and the number is projected to...

Yamuna highly polluted in many stretches beyond Delhi too

The stretch of Yamuna river that extends from Delhi to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh is highly polluted, according to a new study that monitored water quality at twelve sites. Yamuna, which originates from Yamunotri glacier crosses seven states...

Particulate Matter from cigarettes, mosquito coils make indoor pollution toxic: study

Indoor pollution is a major cause of worry in homes and closed environments. Now a new study has warned that burning of mosquito coils and cigarettes in closed places releases traces of heavy metals and particulate matter...

Wheat varieties susceptible to new strains of yellow rust fungus: study

Agriculture scientists have cautioned about likely spread of extremely virulent strains of fungus that causes yellow rust in wheat to which currently used wheat cultivars show high susceptibility. The situation is particularly grim as the bread wheat...

Scientists move a step closer to drought-tolerant soybean variety

The productivity of soybean, an important oilseed crop, is severely affected due to droughts. A team of Indian scientists has now identified genotypes of soybean that can tolerate drought better without comprising on yields. By incorporating the...

Nanotechnology can make plant-based food preservatives more effective

Stored and packaged food products are prone to growth of bacterial and fungal growth especially in tropical countries like India. These, in turn, produce toxins making food stuff unfit for consumption. Some of these toxins produced by...