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Yamuna highly polluted in many stretches beyond Delhi too

Yamuna highly polluted in many stretches beyond Delhi too

The stretch of Yamuna river that extends from Delhi to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh is highly polluted, according to a new study that monitored...
indoor pollution

Particulate Matter from cigarettes, mosquito coils make indoor pollution toxic: study

Indoor pollution is a major cause of worry in homes and closed environments. Now a new study has warned that burning of mosquito coils...
Wheat varieties susceptible to new strains of yellow rust fungus: study

Wheat varieties susceptible to new strains of yellow rust fungus: study

Agriculture scientists have cautioned about likely spread of extremely virulent strains of fungus that causes yellow rust in wheat to which currently used wheat...
Farmers inspect their crop at a field, on the outskirts of Amritsar on April 17, 2019. (IANS)

Scientists move a step closer to drought-tolerant soybean variety

The productivity of soybean, an important oilseed crop, is severely affected due to droughts. A team of Indian scientists has now identified genotypes of...
The research team at BHU

Nanotechnology can make plant-based food preservatives more effective

Stored and packaged food products are prone to growth of bacterial and fungal growth especially in tropical countries like India. These, in turn, produce...

New mosquito repelling molecule identified

Indian researchers have synthesized a new aromatic molecule that promises to help repel and kill adult female of Aedes aegypti mosquito which is carrier...
A man holding a marijuana leaf

Scientists synthesize cannabis like products in lab

Cannabinoids are chemicals extracted from cannabis and they find a range of medical applications. Given regulatory and other restrictions on cultivation of cannabis, scientists...
Prof. Q Qureshi, Nishant Kumar, Dr. Fabrizio Sergio and Prof. Y V Jhala).

Why black kites attack humans

A new study has found that the probability of attack by kites, birds of prey that inhabit urban areas, increases in neighborhoods where human...
Antibiotic resistant bacteria schematic representation

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in river water

Antibiotic resistance appears to be spreading in the environment. A new study has found a large number of bacteria which are resistant to commonly...