August Smart Lock: An Easy Way to Smarten Up a Dumb Dead Bolt

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A company called August just released a new update for their lock, a high security of door. With the aim of making people’s life easier, they produce the latest version of August Smart Lock with integrated Apple Home Kit support and design refinement.

The company kept its main selling point as same as earlier. It has the ability to convert out existing deadbolt into a smart lock without having to replace the entire thing.

The most fascinating, this lock doesn’t require removal and replacement of your door’s entire locking mechanism. So it’s simpler to install and doesn’t produce annoyances like mismatched hardware aesthetic or need for new keys. The complete installation process requires just 10 min with fast set up process.

If we talk about old lock system, it requires keys to open it. Users can physically remove them from the lock and keep in pocket or purse and insert one into a door to unlock it, but it leads to inconvenience. These locks have some amount of cost for installation over there.

August Smart Lock: An Easy Way to Smarten Up a Dumb Dead Bolt
Image Credit: August

If we talk about the smart lock, the user first needs to install the August app, setup an account, install four AA batteries, and update its firmware. It comes with two companion devices: the August Connect and the August Smart Keypad, both of which cost $79 each.

Next, the user will create specific entry codes for guests or neighbors and mounts to the outside of your house. The former serves as a plug-in Wi-Fi bridge for the Smart Lock and gives you the ability to remotely lock or unlock your door as well as get instant alerts on your smartphone when anyone else enters or exits your home.

Manufacturing of August lock has three color-coded deadbolt adapters. The adapters help to select the kit which that fits your current deadbolt a cinch. According to the company, most deadbolt locks are compatible with at least one of these, but users have to make sure that before buying to check the exception.

The August Smart Lock is compatible with pretty much everything else. It has its own IFTTT channel. Additionally, the user can shout locking and unlocking commands at Siri, Alexa, or Google’s Assistant if that’s your thing.

Currently, this August smart lock is available in two colors: Silver or Dark Gray with the size of 3.39 x 3.39 x 2.22 inches. You can buy the lock here at $229.

The August Smart Lock is a somewhat expensive but legitimately useful option for anyone wanting to add some smarts and even an extra level flexible security to the locks in their home. It’s easy to install, well designed, and most importantly, it’s just as reliable as a regular deadbolt.

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