Amazon’s CEO Says AI Is In a Golden Age

Artificial intelligence has enabled us to solve various problems that were previously impossible. Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos says that it is a renaissance, it is a golden age.


Artificial intelligence has long been a mysterious thing. But, it is constantly growing by time. This simulation of human intelligence processes by machines involves performing a narrow task.

Recently speaking at the Internet Association’s annual gala in Washington D.C., the Blue Origin, and Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos said, “artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t something to be feared. Instead, it’s to be celebrated.”

H said, “It is a renaissance, it is a golden age. We are now solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that were … in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades. And natural language understanding, machine vision problems, it really is an amazing renaissance.”

He thinks that AI allows to empower and improve every business, every government organization, every philanthropy. However, there is no institution in the world that cannot be improved with machine learning.

Although AI has the ability to learn near human or better than human. For example, it can drive cars, do serious work as doctors, lawyers, or as burger flippers. It can even play competitive games like human, compose music or paint as artist

There is no doubt that we are getting lots of value from machine learning. And thus, we are getting precise results. Improved product recommendations for customers. Improved forecasting for inventory management. Literally hundreds of other things beneath the surface, he said.

Bezos said, “At Amazon, some of the things we’re doing are superficially obvious, and they’re interesting and cool. And you should pay attention. I’m thinking of things like Alexa and Echo, our voice assistant, I’m thinking about our autonomous Prime Air delivery drones. Those things use a tremendous amount of machine learning, machine vision systems, natural language understanding and a bunch of other techniques.”

“But those are kind of the showy ones. I would say, a lot of the value that we’re getting from machine learning is actually happening beneath the surface. Literally hundreds of other things beneath the surface.”

“The most exciting thing that I think we’re working on in machine learning, is that we are determined. Along with Amazon Web services, we can these advanced techniques accessible to every organization, even if they don’t have the current class of expertise that’s required. Right now, deploying these techniques for your particular institution’s problems is difficult. It takes a lot of expertise, and so you have to go compete for the very best PhDs in machine learning and it’s difficult for a lot of organizations to win those competitions. We’re in a great position, because of the success of Amazon Web Services, to be able to put energy into making those techniques easy and accessible. And so we’re determined to do that.”

Indeed, we are in a golden age of AI.

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