Adobe renamed its upcoming AI-powered drawing and painting app as ‘Adobe Fresco’

The final release of the app is later this year.

Today, it is essential for everyone to develop creative literacy, as AI (artificial intelligence) takes over most of the repetitive and intense tasks. Creativity is a unique quality that sets us apart and helps us to achieve success. Drawing is the key to develop creative literacy, as every great painting, sculpture, film, or building began with a drawing.

In today’s digital generation, to create a magical connection between brain and hand, a digital tool is required. Hence, a well-known American software company, Adobe is developing a powerful and sophisticated drawing and painting application.

The app debuted at Adobe’s Max conference in 2018, previously called Project Gemini. Yesterday, the company announced that its upcoming iPad drawing and painting app will be called “Adobe Fresco.”

It is expected to arrive somewhere at the end of this year. Initially, the app will be available for iPads only and later for other devices that use touch and stylus inputs.

Aiming at professional artists, the app is intended to give them access to a broad range of devices outside of their desktop. Adobe Fresco app replicates how real-world mediums such as watercolor and oil paints interact with surfaces and each other.

Fresco’s new Live Brushes tools use AI to recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors.

When you will use watercolor Live Brushes, the color bloom will appear into adjacent areas of the paper. Use the yellow and red color, and they’ll naturally blend into orange at the border. Additionally, you will be able to even recreate a painting with water to dilute some colors and encourage tints to mix.

Next, the oil Live Brush allows you to slather on a thick coat of paint and see the ridges and brush strokes that give the painting dimension. For creating a varied swirl of color, you can mix different oil colors – this, no digital color wheel could ever provide.

Besides, Adobe Fresco lets the artist draw with vector, raster, and dynamic brushes, which means it combines the feature of the Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch iPad apps. It will also include a layer, masking, and selection tools.

As mentioned in the Adobe blog post, the artist will also be able to use all his/her favorite Photoshop brushes directly in Fresco. He/she will even get access to thousands of additional brushes created by famous digital brush maker Kyle Webster.

If you want to try Fresco before it launches, you can apply for pre-release testing here.



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