5D Superman Memory Crystal: Stores data for next 13 billion years

5D Superman Memory Crystal
5D Superman Memory Crystal

All new kind of storage for digital data can conserve the heritage of your documents for next 13 billion years. 5D Superman Memory Crystal disc can store more than 360 terabytes of information. It can be able to stand up without any harm or data loss for billions of years.

Scientists from University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre have created this disc and also Nanostructured glass material to store the large bulk of data in five dimensions.

  • The Nanostructured glass material power up the way light passes towards layers of glass.
  • For reading positive and negative values as prosperous information, Nanostructures have altered the transmission of light.
  • By using an ultrafast laser that knocks the three layers of nanostructured dots with short and strong light pulses, documents are stored on the glass disc.
  • In this form, the whole information is encrypted in five dimensions. In extension with the three-dimensional layout of Nanostructures itself, the size and adjustment of data are important.

According to creators of this storage disc, lovingly named it as “Superman Memory Crystal” will stand up for next 13.8 billion year at 190 degree Celsius and for eventually unlimited lifetime at room temperature. This technology was fortunately established as a part of a 2013 experiment that stored 300 kilobytes of a text file in five dimensions.

Peter Kazansky from the Optoelectronic Research center, said, “It is exciting to think that we have developed a technology to store documents and information and store it in space for future generations. This technology can protect the last proof of our culture: all we have learnt will not be forgotten.”

Even if, scientists are in hope that this particular approach to Nanostructured glass data storage will be used by national archives, museums and libraries. They have already saved versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton’s Opticks, the Magna Carta and King James Bible in this 5D storage data disc. Any data that will store in this disc will remain us all.