Smart glove: converts sign language into text

Prototype Schema for Smart glove
Prototype Schema for Smart glove

Some people find difficulties with spoken languages and hearing or many people are there who can’t speak and listen. So, this problem has been solved now. A glove which is installed with magical sensors inside it that converts hand gestures into text and dialogue. Students from London University has discovered this smart glove which is also called as Sign Language Glove. Sign Language Glove has been developed by students and designer Ayoub at Goldsmiths. The first experimental version of this glove is less than 5 flex sensors through which it can monitor finger gestures such as finger bends and covers. There is also Accelerometer installed inside it which detects glove’s orientation. It took sign and turn them into visual letters on a screen. Ayoub then followed up with an improved model that is fast, robust, featured with smaller and discreet hardware and text that scrolled on a screen. Text to the chip is included in the latest model and hardware is installed in glove’s lining. The price of this Smart glove has been set is £255.