Now Control Your Computer by Your Gestures

Now Control Your Computer by Your Gestures

Hey, guys have you ever imagine a computer works on an eye and facial expressions? Isn’t it so interesting to have a computer enhanced with the gesture controls? So here scientists have brought a new technology where computer which works on hand gestures can now work on our eye contacts and facial expressions. Scientists are working on such technique through which computer will be able to work on human’s facial expressions and gestures.

Normally, with the help of typing and some software, we can work on the computer by talking. Now researchers are in work to increase such communication. Researcher’s said –

” Two persons communicate each other also by smiling and various facial expressions. Our project aims to create some changes such revolutionary communication between computer and any person.”

Brus Drepper, a professor from Colorado state university said,

“This type of non-verbal communication with computer is very limited. At starting, computer is just like a machine, that time only one sided communication was possible.”

In today’s date, the computer becomes as like as our daily partner and that’s the reason, communication between a computer and person is necessary. For this, Researchers are creating a library for the meaning of different gestures and expressions. Through this library, the computer will be able to understand their (gestures and expressions) meaning and complete your task.