Fuchsia: New Operating System from Google

Fuchsia: New Operating System from Google

Currently, all of us are using Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as an operating system on our devices. Here is one new upcoming operating system by Google. Google is working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. The developers are designing this OS for modern phones and modern personal computers which suggest Google determine to compete against Microsoft’s Windows and possibly its own Android.

The OS was found as a part of a developer code on GitHub and Google’s own code repository website.

This operating system concentrates on IoT (Internet of Things) and does not run on Linux. The OS depends on Magenta, i.e. medium-sized microkernel.

This platform is designed for embedded systems. For example, a PC that doesn’t use the common OS, GPS devices or car dashboards. It uses fast processors and the superficial amount of RAM.

According to Google, Fuchsia OS could be the excellent OS. It may also unify Chrome OS, Android and the IoT platform, Brillo. This means it would take just one OS to run from desktops to smartphones, tablets, and everything else. It has a bunch of features that we normally see in fully-featured operating systems like multiple users, advanced security, and graphics rendering.

Pink + Purple = Fuchsia is the description for the new operating system from Google.

For now, the developers behind the project have been testing the software on several devices ranging from the Raspberry Pi 3.

Brian Swetland, one of Fuchsia’s developer said that the intent was to build an open source operating system so they, might as well start there from the beginning.

However, it will come soon in Raspberry Pi 3 device, said Y Combinator news website.

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