3 Innovations By Indian kids

Three innovations by Indian kids.

1Device which monitors mental stress in students and others

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Himanshu Jiteshbhai Parmar
Class 10, Pandit Nehru Vidya Vihar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

“I remember reading a newspaper story about students who committed suicide because of failure in their class 10 board exams,” he shares.

This made him think of a system to measure tension/mental stress. It would tell the degree of stress and if found high, students can unwind before going back to their studies.

Ankita Arora
Class 10, Police DAV Public School, Jalandhar, Punjab

Ankita was distressed to see her mother struggling with acute back pain that confined her to bed for over a year. Her mother’s agony gave her the idea of creating a device for detecting and monitoring levels of mental stress in an individual.